Welcome to UWC Dilijan
Welcome Message from the Founding Head of College
Thank you for visiting our website and an especially warm welcome to the relatives and friends of the students who have just arrived at UWC Dilijan in 2014 to create the founding year of the college.
"UWC Dilijan is a community of like-minded people who think globally and feel a sense of responsibility for the future of the world."
Veronika Zonabend, Chair of Governors and Founder
The UWC Movement
UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.
UWC Admissions for 2016
Would-be applicants to the UWC movement for 2016 should contact the national committee in their home country for details of local admissions procedures and deadlines.
UWC Admissions
Donations are, of course, always welcome, and always needed. Donations help us to make places at UWC Dilijan available to students regardless of their financial circumstances on the basis of demonstrated need.
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