Founders' Vision


We believe that education is the best equaliser. That is why, in 2006 we started dreaming of developing an international school in Armenia, a school that could be an incubator for the kind of intercultural education crucial for today’s fragile planet, and one that would inspire students to respect and learn from each other and become true global citizens. We wanted the school to be founded on solid international practices while anticipating challenges ahead and embodying the future of education, focused on each student’s potential. To achieve this, we envisaged bringing the transformational power of education to young people from diverse geographies, cultures and backgrounds. 

Thus, in 2014, we, together with a group of like-minded individuals including Noubar and Anna Afeyan, Gagik Adibekyan, Vladimir and Anna Avetissian, established UWC Dilijan, the first international boarding school in Armenia. Dilijan, a resort town in Armenia's 'Little Switzerland' and previously a place visited by many artists and writers, straddles the ancient silk route and is at a crossroads of Europe, the Middle East and Russia, making it the perfect location to promote the idea of internationalism and friendship.

Armenia's hospitable people have welcomed our diverse international community to a country which is only too conscious of the realities of suffering as well as threats to hope and sustainable development as it reimagines itself in a post-Soviet world. 

Our vision is for UWC Dilijan to make an impact, primarily, on our young people so that they, like us, can pursue their dreams and reach their potential in a creative and supportive environment. Our ambition is for the school to be a force – through the power of education – in enhancing global efforts to achieve a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world that we can pass on to our children.  


Founders Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend