UWC Dilijan College was established by and is governed under the terms of the Dilijan International School of Armenia Foundation (DISA). DISA is a non-commercial legal entity established and registered under the Foundation Law of the Republic of Armenia. The managing bodies of the School are the Board of Governors and the Head who is also known as the Director.


The Board of Governors is the highest managing and control body of DISA has the collective and ultimate responsibility for the approval of strategy and the academic, legal, fiduciary and financial affairs of the College. It consists of up to 15 members who meet at least three times a year. The Board approves the College budget and appoints the Head.


Advisory Board Members are individuals who have specialist knowledge and experience which is of huge value to the Board but who are not able to commit to attend every Board Meeting or serve on Board Committees. The Trustees of Scholae Mundi (cio) who are not full Board Members are ex officio Advisory Members of the Board. Advisory Members have an advisory vote on resolutions of the Board.


The UWC Dilijan Board also has a number of Honorary Board Members: generally individuals with a close historic or other connection with UWCD who may attend Board meetings and have an advisory vote on any resolutions of the Board.


UWC Dilijan is fortunate to have a close working relationship with Scholae Mundi (cio), a Charity registered in the United Kingdom which, in addition to its world-wide educational activities, supports the College by giving endowments, scholarships, donations and fundraising. It also support UWC Dilijan in marketing and promotion and works with the UWC national committees. The Board of Trustees of Scholae Mundi are all associate members of the Board of Governors of UWC Dilijan and at least three Scholae Mundi Trustees are full Board Members.


The Head of UWC Dilijan is appointed and can be removed by the Board. The Head is also the Director of DISA and acts as the chief executive officer. The Head is responsible for the day to day running of the College and is answerable to the Board. The Head is responsible for the hiring of staff and is the chair of the College Senior Management Team.


The primary document which controls the governance of UWC Dilijan is the Charter of DISA Foundation but the policies of the college established by the Board are set out in a series of By-Laws. The day to day running of the college which is, where appropriate, set out in Procedures must comply with both the Charter and any relevant By-Laws.