Anna Afeyan Gunnarson

Full Board Member
Co-Chair, Noubar & Anna Afeyan Foundation

Anna Afeyan Gunnarson has been involved in educational non-profit work for the past 20 years as a volunteer, teacher, board member and philanthropist through the Noubar and Anna Afeyan Foundation. Anna and Noubar are Founding Patrons of UWC Dilijan. Anna is a trustee and treasurer of the board of Beacon Academy in Boston, a programme giving low-income students an opportunity to transform their lives through access to an excellent education and a supportive community through high school, college and beyond. She has also been the programme’s science teacher for the past seven years.

Anna is co-chairing the board of the YerazArt Foundation supporting young musicians in Armenia. Before moving to the US in 1988 to take on a position in biotechnology process development for the Schering Plough Corporation, Anna worked as a process engineer at Alfa-Laval, Sweden. After leaving her engineering career to raise four children, she volunteered in their school’s science and technology programmes, served on the board of the Lexington Education Foundation, and the Corporation board of the Winsor School, Boston. Anna received her MSc in Biochemical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.