Carol Aslanian

Full Board Member
President and Founder, Aslanian Market Research

Carol B. Aslanian is President and Founder of Aslanian Market Research. Over the course of a 30-year career, she has assisted nearly 300 colleges and universities better meet the needs of post-traditional students, first through the College Board’s Office of Adult Learning Services, then at Aslanian Group, Inc. and now at EducationDynamics.

Ms Aslanian is a national authority on the characteristics and learning patterns of adult and post-traditional students and has made hundreds of presentations to educational institutions, state agencies, and national associations, focusing on her major area of expertise – access to higher education for place-bound and time-bound students. She has both designed market studies to assist colleges in enhancing their share of the adult student market and conducted onsite audits and consultations to assess institutional readiness to meet the demands of adult students and employers. She has assisted hundreds of colleges, universities, state education agencies, regional consortia of colleges, multi-institutional centres, and chambers of commerce in developing programmes that meet the needs of their constituencies, primarily working professional adult students and business and industry.

Ms Aslanian has served as a member of the Nontraditional Students Report Board of Advisors. She is past chair of the Non-Traditional Markets Programme Track of the American Marketing Associations Symposium on Marketing Higher Education. Ms Aslanian is a past board member of Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel). She is also past Chair and member of the Advisory Council for the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University, a member of the Cornell University Council, and past president of the Cornell Association of Class Presidents. She is a board member of the Armenian General Benevolent Union, where she oversees the organisation’s education programmes worldwide. Ms Aslanian also serves as a board member for the Near East Foundation, the American University of Armenia, and the School of Professional Studies at the College of Charleston.

She was selected by the National Council on Community Services and Continuing Education as the “Person of the Year – Outside the Field”, for her national contributions to the field of community service and continuing education. She received the Association for Continuing Higher Education “Special Recognition Award for dedication and service in the field of continuing education”. Ms Aslanian was the recipient of the Helen Bull Vandervort Alumni Achievement Award and the President Frank Rhodes Alumni Exemplary Service Award at Cornell University.

Ms Aslanian co-authored two landmark reports that described the causes and timing of adult learning – Americans in Transition: Life Changes as Reasons for Adult Learning (1980) and the learning patterns of adult learners – How Americans in Transition Study for College Credit (1985). Ms Aslanian is a co-author of Higher Education in Partnership with Industry (1988), focusing her writing on the development of contract education programmes between colleges and employers. In the year 2000, she authored Adult Students Today published by the College Board. This was followed in 2007 with the publication Trends in Adult Learning – a Snapshot, and Hindsight, Foresight, Insight: Understanding Adult Learning Trends to Predict Future Opportunities (2009). In 2015, Carol also co-authored for the fourth year, the annual Online College Students report with her colleagues at Learning House.

Ms Aslanian received her degrees from Cornell University and Harvard University.