Vladimir & Anna Avetissian

Vladimir & Anna Avetissian

Vladimir Avetissian has held managerial positions of the fuel and energy complex since 1985. In 1994 he founded and headed Volgopromgaz Association of Business Cooperation, whose entities included the petrochemicals businesses of Samara region. In June 1999 Mr Avetissian was elected to the Board of Directors of Samaraenergo OAO, while in December of that year he was appointed CEO of the company.

In December 2000, Mr Avetissian was appointed CEO of Srednevolzhskaya Interregional Managing Energy Company (MUEK), which was given the managerial functions of the energy systems of Samarskaya, Ulyanovskaya and Saratovskaya regions, and the Republic of Kalmykia. In April 2004 Mr Avetissian was appointed Member of Management and Managing Director at OAO RAO UES. In 2006 he headed the Project Center for asset sales of OAO RAO UES, while in 2008 – the holding company “United Automotive Technologies” (UAT), established by the initiative of the State Corporation Russian Technologies.

In October 2013, Mr Avetissian took up the post of Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board at OJSC Rusnano and joined the company’s Investment Committee, concurrently continuing his work as Advisor to the CEO of State Corporation Russian Technologies. He has been Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board and Head of Investment Division A at Rusnano Management Company LLC since February 2014.

Mr Avetissian holds the titles of “Distinguished energy professional CIS”, “Honored worker of the fuel and energy complex”, “Honored worker of the chemicals industry”, and Russian Government awards relating to science and technology. In 2013 he received the Medal of Order “For Services to the Fatherland” of the second class.  

"I am a lucky person. I've got a chance to meet unique people, and each of them has brought something new into my life. Some of them have helped me to look at usual things from a new perspective, while others supported all bold projects and endeavors. My help to school is a need to express my sincere gratitude for taking care of the very important period of a child's life when all the basic views, character traits, abilities and skills are being formed under the guidance of mentors and teachers, when a child begins to realize himself as a person and determine his own way."

Vladimir Avetissian