Head of College

Denise Davidson was Head of Gateways School in Leeds, Great Britain, for 12 years, Deputy Head of Mount St Mary's School near Sheffield and Senior Mistress of Oundle Public School. She has brought to UWC Dilijan nearly forty years of experience working in and inspecting schools and colleges in the UK and involvement in education at an international level.

Asked why she has chosen to take on this position, Denise said that she found the whole project challenging and stimulating.

"This is much more than taking on another school," she explained, "it is also more than leading another United World College, important though that will be. It is the scope of the whole venture where a school serves the wider community, helping not only bring the world to Armenia but also Armenia to grow into the world. It is this huge vision that I find so exciting and that is the reason why I am both delighted to take up this role and grateful for the opportunities it offers".

Follow the Head of College's blog to learn more about her vision of the development of the school.

Live together in the forgiveness of our sins,
for without it no human fellowship can survive.
Don’t insist on your right, don’t blame each other,
don’t judge or condemn each other,
don’t find fault with each other,
but take one another as you are.
Forgive each other every day from the bottom of your heart.

– Dietrich Bonhoeffer