Our Impact

Impact of UWC Dilijan’s world-class, values-driven education is anchored in the diversity of its student body and staff.  UWC Dilijan aspires to make an impact
  • Personally and collectively - on the students and staff
  • Locally - on the Dilijan community and the region
  • Globally - contributing to a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world 

Academic Achievements of our Students 

90% of students pass the IB exam (worldwide average - 79%)

  • 34 average diploma score (worldwide average - 29)

  • University enrolment for graduating class - 96%

UWC Dilijan in the Local Community

  • Established the annual service day in Dilijan
  • 85 events and festivals organised in Dilijan
  • 9,000 community hours per year contributed locally
  • 3,360 local children attended activities
  • 1,700 temporary jobs in Dilijan
  • 280 permanent jobs in Dilijan

Impact Stories

From Georgia with Love: Sandro helps save Armenian lives

When on 4 June 2020, Prime Minister Pashinyan announced that Armenian hospitals struggled to keep up with the number of COVID-19 patients, Sandro Chumashvili said, "I thought that it would be humane to use the privileged situation of Georgia in order to help those who need help the most, in this case – Armenia." Sandro initiated a petition in support of Armenia, which became major news in Georgia in about two hours and reached the government the same day. That evening, David Zalkaliani, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, made an announcement that he just had a call with his Armenian colleague Zohrab Mnatsakanyan, and Georgia was ready to help its neighbour. Several days later Georgia sent medics to Armenia to combat COVID-19 and the press secretary of Armenian parliament issued a letter of gratitude to the Georgian people. With his actions, Sandro made an enormous difference and helped save lives.

Sandro (Georgia, UWCD'20)

Workneh goes to Harvard

Workneh grew up in a small village Matala in Southern Ethiopia. As a child, he had to herd cattle and collect firewood. Workneh studied in a local school and worked as a shoeshine boy in order to buy kerosene to study at night. Joining UWC Dilijan at 16 with a scholarship from a private donor, Workneh got an opportunity to develop his potential to the full. “This has been a great place where I could actually find myself. I became able to get all the ingredients which can motivate and influence in education. I am going to contribute to my country and to the globe as a whole,” says Workneh. Workneh graduated in 2018 and was admitted to Harvard University.

Workneh (Ethiopia, UWCD’18)

Alina photo
Alina's commitment to neuroscience

Alina comes from a small Armenian town of Masis. At the age of 16 Alina received a scholarship to UWC Dilijan. Passionate about education and community empowerment, Alina was always dedicated to her studies, showed excellent results and was highly engaged in activities for the local community. She has worked as a coordinator for the Masis Youth Centre helping to transform it into a dynamic hub empowering the community. Alina is currently studying neuroscience at Edinburgh University. Her ambition is to contribute to the development of neuroscience as a field of study in Armenia and to finding solutions for the treatment of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Alina (Armenia, UWCD’16)

Recycling startup goes to scale

Cedric and Misha came to UWC Dilijan in 2015. They both fell in love with the stunning Armenian nature, while discovering that waste presented a real threat to environment. Passionate about this, Cedric and Misha decided to act and founded the Re-apaga Charity Foundation to raise awareness about waste pollution. With great support from the UWC Dilijan community and its network, Re-apaga soon became one of the leading Armenian environment organizations. Having finished the school with the IB Diploma, Cedric and Misha moved on to establish the first electronic-, plastic-, and aluminium-recycling facility of its kind in Armenia. Today they are working on the clean-tech startup Apaga. Starting from Yerevan, their users can access innovative smart containers to dispose of their plastic and get reward points from partner-companies in exchange. Having already 4,000 people and over 50 partner-companies engaged in recycling with Apaga, they are eager to spread the #greenrevolution all around the world.

Cedric (Germany, UWCD’18) and  Misha (Russia, UWCD'18)