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UWC Dilijan has close links with a number of organisations in its ecosystem and is delighted to have an opportunity to work with them for the common good locally and globally.

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Aleksandra Szczęsny (Ola) UWCD’18 reflects on her experience at UWCD
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Aleksandra Szczęsny (Ola) UWCD’18, who is currently a student  at Connecticut College, USA, reflects on her experience at UWCD and how it “brought the whole world closer”. Ola also shares how becoming a young mother changed her priorities making her life richer and more fulfilled. (In the picture: Ola with her daughter Amelia.)

Story of Jeremy Chan (Hong Kong, UWCD'18)

Jeremy Chan is our third generation alumnus from Hong Kong. After UWCD, Jeremy first took a gap year with Global Citizen Year in order to take a break and reflect on his two years in Armenia. Currently he is at Davidson College in North Carolina. For his third year of university, Jeremy is studying abroad at the London School of Economics and Political Science as an Economics major and Latin American Studies minor.

A coding camp for students in Ethiopia: By Ibsa (Ethiopia, UWCD'22)
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Ibsa, our second-year student from Ethiopia, has finished working on a coding boot camp for high school students that was organised under his Tech01 Society. Read his story about this exciting initiative that opened up the world of coding for more than 30 students!

The Journey from UWCD to King's College: Story of Ani Gevorgyan (Armenia, UWCD'16)
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Ani is our first-generation alumna from Armenia. After UWCD, Ani completed her studies at King’s College London and was determined to return to Armenia to use her skills and experience to benefit her country. She currently works at the National Democratic Institute as the Program Officer of the women’s empowerment team.

“How to spot and counter disinformation”: Workshop by Tina Zournatzi
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Last week we hosted Tina Zournatzi, the Head of Strategic Communication at the European Commission.
Tina oversees corporate communication campaigns at pan-European level, while also spearheading the Commission’s strategic communications response to disinformation. Tina held an interactive workshop with our students on “ How to spot and counter disinformation”.

"We brought millions and millions of people onto the streets": David Wicker (Italy, UWCD'23) about the Global Climate Strike movement
  • Stories of Students

David is our DP1 student from Italy. David is one of the organisers of Fridays for Future - a youth-led global climate strike movement that started in August 2018. Together with other activists David organised six global strikes, bringing millions of people onto the streets of even the remotest places of Earth. In September a climate strike took place at UWC Dilijan. 

"Applying my knowledge to benefit the community I find myself in"
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Our alumnus Emilio Rosas Gutierrez (Mexico, UWCD'21) was awarded the Woodruff Scholarship from Emory University in Atlanta, USA, where he plans to major in art history or linguistics. During his two years in Dilijan, Emilio founded the mindfulness club at school, served on the Student and Community Councils and Sustainability Committee and was a facilitator for Dilijan Community Center’s art workshops with children. 

End of the academic year at UWC Dilijan
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Having managed to keep the campus in operation safely during the pandemic and students in face-to-face classes, UWC Dilijan reached the end of the academic year with a cohort of 117 graduates from 60 countries and 318 offers from international universities.

DiliMUN'21: Results
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DiliMUN is the first Model United Nations organized in Armenia by students of UWC Dilijan.Our aim is to bring bright minds from different backgrounds together, inspire young people to aspire for greatness, shine light on global issues as well as work on new opportunities and innovative approaches to solve the problems of our world. 

"Flags turned into faces and friends turned into family"
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Read the story of our recent graduate Maria (Mexico, UWCD’20) who is pursuing a double degree in Neuroscience and Psychology with a possible minor in Music at Lake Forest College, spoke about her academic as well as daily experiences in UWCD and how it has helped in her studies.

In Memoriam - Dr. Vartan Gregorian
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Dr. Vartan - a leader, educator, scholar, humanitarian and a great friend of the UWC Dilijan community died on Thursday, 15 April, in Manhattan.