Tatev Revival Program

Launched in 2008, Tatev Revival Project is one of the flagship projects of IDeA Foundation, with a vision and structure complying with the seven guiding principles of the Foundation.
Three Components of the Tatev Revival Project

The first component aims to restore the Tatev Monastery Complex and bring life back into the walls of the once vibrant monastery.
The second component, local development, includes new job creation, promotion of entrepreneurship in communities and improvement of living standards. A number of social projects have been carried out in communities and production of eco-friendly handicraft toys has been launched.
The third component is the Tatev Gateway, dedicated to the development of a tourist complex around the Wings of Tatev Aerial Tramway and creation of all required infrastructure. Its main goal is to turn the Wings of Tatev into the most attractive tourist destination in Armenia.
The Tatev Revival Project exemplifies efficient partnership between the public and private sectors in Armenia.
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