Places at UWC are awarded on the basis of merit and potential, and the initial selection led by National Committees is a ‘needs blind’ process. Successful candidates’ families will subsequently be subject to means testing to ensure the needs based principle is applied in granted share.

UWC Dilijan is a part of a scholarship programme created by Scholae Mundi. Our cooperation with various organisations involved in educational and humanitarian activities allows to offer our students different types of scholarships:

Scholae Mundi Scholarship Programme

  • Established in 2013
  • Supports talented teenagers from Russia, Armenia and Georgia selected by the national committees and admitted to one of the 17 UWC colleges
  • So far 317 annual scholarships have been awarded under this programme

The Aurora Gratitude Projects: Gratitude Scholarships Programme

  • Established in 2015, inaugural year was executed with Near East Foundation
  • $7 million scholarship fund established in gratitude to the people from countries who offered shelter and food to those displaced during the Armenian Genocide more than a century ago. The scholarship program runs until 2023
  • Supports youth that have been affected by conflict, displacement, and poverty and were admitted to one of the 17 UWC colleges
  • Individual scholarship named after Amal Clooney is given to a female student from Lebanon who qualifies to programs criteria and demonstrates strong interest in human rights
  • Individual scholarships named after Lamya Haji Bashar is given to Yazidi students who qualifies to programme criteria
  • So far 21 scholarships have been awarded for 11 students studying at UWC Dilijan and 10 - at other United World Colleges