Selection Process

UWC Dilijan will make every effort to guide national committees in the selection of students whose profiles match our expectations in order to ensure that the curriculum we offer and their requirements are closely matched. In particular, we will ask national committees to ascertain the suitability of applicants by considering these qualities.

  • student’s record in education with special reference to academic competence (so that they can approach the full IB Diploma with confidence and a high chance of success) and in co-curricular activities such as sport, music, drama, art and so forth; and in general commitment to service and making the world a better place;
  • student’s written self-description/application evaluated against UWC Dilijan’s and the UWC movement’s stated aims and objectives;
  • student’s performance at the interview;
  • student’s school and community referee recommendations;
  • where possible and appropriate, examples of situations, demonstrating how a student exhibited leadership, intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness, a commitment to international-mindedness and respect for those whose backgrounds and beliefs differ from their own.

Criteria for Selection

We aim to identify students who display potential and who are committed to ethical leadership and service. Selection is made irrespective of social, religious, ethnic and (as far as possible) financial considerations. In particular, it aims:

  • through the UWC selection process to identify civic-mindedness in students which will potentially benefit human kind;
  • to make it possible for all selected students to attend the college regardless of their financial circumstances.

Once students are admitted, UWC Dilijan ensures that they are given the academic, personal and, where appropriate, financial support necessary for successful completion of their course at UWC Dilijan.

The Head of College will only deny admission to a student recommended by a national committee in circumstances where admission is not judged to be in the best interests of either UWC Dilijan or the student. In some case if there is no national committee in a country, direct applications may be considered. Students who are unsuccessful having applied through their UWC National Committee cannot be admitted.