Student Profile

An education like no other. UWC education reflects experience gained from our 50-year history as well as current educational thinking.

UWC students are defined by their ambition and ability to create a more peaceful and sustainable future. They are united in a commitment to positive social action to build a more equitable and fairer world. Although strong academic achievement is highly valued, our ethos compels us to think more broadly about the knowledge and skills that will shape our students as sound individuals.

As a transformational experience a UWC education empowers students to become leaders in social responsibility, inspiring them to effect change personally, locally, nationally and internationally.


To qualify for admission to IB Diploma Programme in August/September 2018 the candidate must have been born between 1 September 2001 and 1 September 2002, i.e. to be 16 or 17 when he/she starts at UWC Dilijan. Candidates whose date of birth lies outside this range will not be admitted.

These are the qualities, which UWCD is looking for in its prospective students:

  • seek out challenge, whether it’s tackling a complex assignment, climbing a mountain, or learning a new skill
  • be passionate about their beliefs and open-minded about the beliefs of others
  • take action to turn ideas into reality
  • balance idealism with pragmatism
  • have the skills and motivation to succeed in an intense academic environment
  • be curious about the world and to people who come from a range of cultures, religions, and backgrounds
  • be compassionate, generous and engaged with their community through service and activities
  • have a strong linguistic ability to develop English fluency quickly