Alumni Council

Our alumni are a closely-knit network and continue their interaction among themselves and with the college.  They are represented by the Alumni Council, which includes two graduates from each year:

Lucia Gonzalez Mantecon, Spain, UWCD’16 

Manana Hakobyan, Armenia, UWCD’16 

Katya Guryeva, Russia, UWCD’17

Flora Harutyunyan, Armenia, UWCD’18

Paula Leguísamo, Uruguay, UWCD’18

Diana Fazlieva, Russia, UWCD’19

Luay Idriss, Lebanon, UWCD’19  

Roza Kavak, Turkey, UWCD’20

David Sagradian, Netherlands, UWCD’20

The Alumni Council can be contacted at

Please visit Alumni page for more information.