Alumni in Action Awards

The Alumni in Action Award is a recognition by UWC Dilijan of the important contributions that alumni have made and are making in their own communities, the UWC movement or the life of UWCD. It is an opportunity for the UWCD staff, students, alumni and friends to reflect on the impact of UWCD through our alumni and to celebrate their commitment to make the world a better place, true to the values of UWC.  Awardees are selected by a committee, including the head and representatives of the staff, students, alumni and parents. 

Inspiration for the Alumni in Action Award 

Sandro Chumashvili, UWCD’20, was already back home in Georgia in the summer of 2020 when he heard that Armenian hospitals struggled to keep up with the number of patients infected with COVID-19. He decided to help. He started a petition urging the Georgian government to help Armenia. As a result, Sandro showed through his action that it is possible for any of us to make an impact. Having been a student at UWC Dilijan, he cared for Armenia and its people and wanted to show solidarity and compassion. And Gabriel Ernesto Abad Fernández, UWCD Head, showed appreciation by presenting Sandro with the first Alumni in Action Award! 


Alumni in Action Awardees


Shushanik Hayriyan (Artsakh, UWCD'19)  for initiating fundraising efforts to help Artsakh refugees fleeing their homes.

The 2024 Alumni in Action Award video 


Mischa Simonyan, UWCD'16, Armenia, for overcoming adversity and using his creativity and influence as a fashion designer to empower people with disabilities.

The 2023 Alumni in Action Awards Ceremony







Violetta Karpenko, UWCD'17, Ukraine, for her extraordinary commitment as a volunteer to the UWC National Committee of Ukraine.

The 2022 Alumni in Action Awards Ceremony






Jeppe Strands, UWCD'18, Denmark, for establishing a social and rural development Armenian NGO with four different educational projects for children in the Tsaghkunk and Artanish villages.

The 2021 Alumni in Action Awards Ceremony







Sandro Chumashvili, UWCD'20, Georgia, for initiating the Georgian government's humanitarian assistance to Armenia during the COVID-19 pandemic in the summer of 2020.

The 2020 Alumni in Action Award Ceremony