Nour Mussa (Sudan, UWCD’18)

“Witnessing the joy on my peers' faces as they made progress in their language skills ignited an interest for teaching within me.”

Thandolwethu Mamba (Eswatini, UWCD'16)

“UWC Dilijan… opened the doors for me to truly see just how big our world is and the limitless opportunities to connect, create, heal, and celebrate that come with being a small part of a community as big as our world.”

Three Musketeers

Here is what Pedro wrote about their friendship. “When we were asked to share a memorable story of our friendship, so many things, big and small, came to mind.

A 10-Year Friendship

Sabastian Abelezele (Ghana, UWCD’16) and Marcos dos Santos (Brazil, UWCD’16) are first-generation graduates.