Head's Blog

A New Beginning

Greetings from lovely Dilijan, where our Class of 2023, after the emotional re-encounters upon arrival on campus, has had two weeks of lessons, catching up with Extended Essays, planning for our CAS programme and, of course, preparing for the arrival of our new students, our Class of 2024.

It almost makes the last two and a half years of COVID-impacted school operations a distant memory, even though COVID is certainly not gone yet. It feels good to welcome staff and students and to operate without quarantines and bubbles!

We are looking forward to a year in which we consolidate and plan ahead. Having received the news of our international accreditation by the Council of International Schools over the summer, a testament to not only the excellent work of the team at the college, but also of the involvement of the wider community (from our board to our students, parents, alumni and supporters) the accreditation process has given us a clear pathway to follow as we are committed to a school improvement process (the accreditation has to be renewed every five years, it is not a got-it-and-we-can-forget-about-it deal). We have combined the CIS report, the IB authorisation report, the board’s documentation and UWC’s strategic plan to produce a draft Strategic Plan 2022-20227 that we will be working on involving all of our constituents.

The last two days we welcomed to our campus Edward Clark and Helen Wright, who have been appointed by our board to assist them in the process of selecting my successor. We hosted a special College Assembly to welcome them and they had a rather long series of meetings with staff and students to better understand our school, where we are, where we want to go and the characteristics of the leader that would work well here. You can find more information about the search process in the dedicated microsite.

Being able to plan ahead is important and having spent a few hours looking at my beloved Mediterranean back home has certainly topped up my batteries and set me on a course to make the most of my final year in this wonderful school community and in Armenia. I do not know yet what the future holds for me personally but I am really looking forward to my final year… and to whatever comes up next!