Alexia Bertrand and Amand-Benoît D'Hondt: Towards Tom Catena Scholarship
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We are very grateful to Alexia Bertrand and Amand-Benoît D'Hondt for their generous gift towards the Tom Catena Scholarship for a student from South Sudan to study at UWCD. In 2017, Dr. Catena received the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity and an inspiring presence for us.

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Anano Mgebrishvili
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Anano who came to UWC Dilijan visit her younger brother Gurami (UWCD’24) shared her reflections on the opportunities afforded to her by the family of Sergey Sarkisov and Rousudan Makhashvili, who supported Anano’s scholarship as well as scholarships of other Georgian students since 2014. Please watch the video.

Dobrov & Family Group
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Mr. Andrey Dobrov and his family are generously supporting scholarships for students in UWC Dilijan starting from this academic year. In June, Mr. Dobrov visited our campus for the first time to get to know the school and learn about the UWC educational model. This led to Mr. Dobrov and his family establishing a special scholarship programme. We welcome Mr. Dobrov and his family to the UWCD community and are honoured to have them among our donors.