Christian Maboko's Journey as a Rise Global Winner
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Christian Maboko is a Rise Scholar and our second year student from Kenya who spent last summer in London attending the Rise Residential Summit. Here is his reflection on the time he spend in London attending the summit.

"I am thrilled to share my summer experience as a Rise Global Winner!

In 2021, I was honored to be selected among the top 100 Rise Global winners.

Rise, an initiative by Schmidt Futures and the Rhodes Trust, has been a beacon of opportunity, providing promising young individuals the chance to work together to serve others throughout their lifetimes. The program, founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt's $1 billion commitment, offers a range of support, from scholarships to mentorship, networking, and access to career development opportunities. 

One of the incredible perks for Rise winners is the chance to attend a two-week residential summit. This year, post my UWC DP1 academic year, I received an invitation to the summit in the UK, spanning both London and Oxford.

London, a city pulsating with energy and history, became the backdrop for a week filled with golden experiences. Engaging in various educational programs on entrepreneurship, human rights, AI, and climate change was enlightening and has left a lasting imprint on my understanding of these crucial topics. A special highlight was our invitation to 10 Downing Street, an honor that added an extra layer of inspiration to the entire experience.

From the bustling streets of London, we transitioned to the hallowed halls of Oxford for another week. The academic atmosphere in Oxford is nothing short of magical, and it set the stage for some of the most impactful sessions of the entire program. 

What made this experience extraordinary was the opportunity to connect with brilliant minds fellow Rise winners who are passionate about positively impacting the world. Meeting the dedicated Rise staff in person further solidified the sense of community and support that the program provides. 

Gratitude fills my heart for this life-changing experience. If you want to become the next Rise Global Winner, you still have the time to apply. Go to the Riseforworld website and start your application today."


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