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DiliMUN is the first Model United Nations organized in Armenia by students of UWC Dilijan. Our aim is to bring bright minds from different backgrounds together, inspire young people to aspire for greatness, shine light on global issues as well as work on new opportunities and innovative approaches to solve the problems of our world. 

This year's DiliMUN conference has been very special. Being in the middle of a global pandemic was a challenge and made us think of new and creative ways to make this conference a success. For this extraordinary year, we have decided that the best and safest way to conduct the conference would be online. It gave us the opportunity to expand the number of participants from the Caucuses to internationally, which led to an exchange of a variety of viewpoints, values and perspectives.

This year's theme was “Rise up and Walk” inspired by the quote: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Along the same vein, we wanted to discuss an often neglected issue of sustainable solutions when it comes to foreign aid and cooperation. 

This theme gave our participants the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the past, acknowledge the challenges of the present and propose tangible solutions for the future with a rapidly globalizing world as a backdrop. Topics such as the restoration of the economy under COVID-19, France colonial power over african states and supply of clean energy to small island states, gave participants the chance to use their critical thinking skills and knowledge of history to conduct fruitful discussions and come up with solutions that encourage international support and cooperation. 

This year’s theme is particularly important in recent times. Last year has been filled with uncertainties and predicimants: facing a global pandemic, racial injustice, religious discrimination and the list goes on. However, as future changemakers, it is our duty to not let these situations defeat us, but instead, fight for what we believe in and what is right. We all need to rise up and walk to fight for peace and a sustainable future, and this is not only what the conference stands for, but the entire UWC movement.  

We are also excited and grateful to have had such an inspiring keynote speaker for this year's conference - Mr. Shombi Sharp, UN Resident Coordinator in Armenia. He presented an insightful speech that provided us with great perspectives and was an astonishing start for our conference. 

Inspired from our theme, we introduced 6 committees with different guiding questions that shaped the two day conference: 

  1. Security Council chaired by Tolga Bahadir 
  2. Economic and Financial Committee chaired by Dasha Khamaza
  3. Ecological and Environmental Committee chaired by Misaki Motohashi
  4. Human Rights Council (HRC) chaired by Isis Yari Correa Tume
  5. Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL) chaired by Thao Van Adjemian
  6. Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM) chaired by Marilyn Ung from Cambodia

After the conference we are proud to say that it was most definitely a success! We were able to recreate an unforgettable experience online and all of the hard work of our team paid off.


Thank you!

Our organization team has tried its very best to create the best experience for our delegates and chairs. While we did face challenges working around COVID-19, we were able to overcome those with hard work, perseverance and dedication. This is an opportunity to appreciate all the hard work done by our organization committee: 

Media: Serli, Mara and Oleg
Administration: Kristoffer and Tanya
Secretary Generals: Rachel and Darius
Registration: Yasmin, Shahib, and Chantal

Finance: Bisola and Elena
Hospitality: Lea and Aris
Research: Mutuma and Yiran

We want to thank Mr. Sharp once again for taking time out of his busy schedule to join us in our opening ceremony.We would like to thank Gautam Banerji for supporting us all the way through, our school UWC Dilijan for providing us with all the support and resources we needed and, of course, all the delegates and chairs of this year's conference. You brought us so much joy with your innovative ideas and approaches and we wish you all the best and would love to see you all again next year! 


By DiliMUN Team

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