"Flags turned into faces and friends turned into family"
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Our recent graduate Maria (Mexico, UWCD’20) who is pursuing a double degree in Neuroscience and Psychology with a possible minor in Music at Lake Forest College, spoke about her academic as well as daily experiences in UWCD and how it has helped in her studies.

"Dilijan morphed from an unknown spot in the map to the closest thing to my heart. If I could sum up life in Dilijan, I would choose to say it was a wonder. My two years were filled with discovery, curiosity, growth and many memories that make me smile every time I think of them. Being able to wake up in a room every day with three other people with completely different perspectives of life, made me realise there is so much I have yet to learn and how vast the world is. Flags turned into faces and friends turned into family. Through every daily interaction with friends, classmates and staff, I was able to take a meaningful lesson. From eating lunch with my best friend, Imran, and talking about the newest song we discovered to questioning the meaning of everything in Theory of Knowledge classes. My two years in Dilijan taught me how to absorb every drop of wisdom, perspective and knowledge everyone had to offer and apply them into my life.

One of my most important experiences in UWC Dilijan was doing my Internal Assessments in Chemistry HL and Biology HL. Before UWC, I never had access to working in a Lab or even had the abilities of critical thinking needed to do a science experiment. My teachers were very helpful and they mentored me with patience, dedication and excellence during the whole process. Although academic work was very rewarding during my experience, extracurricular activities highlighted the significance of what UWC is and its core values. I participated as a facilitator in Caucasus Connect Creative Arts Camp and this experience led me to learn more about the Caucasus region and the culture of the countries. Additionally, I applied my music knowledge and skills to helping tweens and teens bond and create life-changing experiences.

One of my favorite experiences in UWC Dilijan was Sailing Project Week during the first term. I was able to meet new people and connect with the Sevan community from the campsite. I learned how to sail which is an opportunity I believe I would have never had outside of UWC.

I believe UWC never ends, and even though I am not physically in UWC Dilijan, I carry the mission and spirit wherever I go. Now that I’m a college student at Lake Forest College, I apply the interpersonal, academic and professional skills I acquired to succeed as a person and as a professional. Inspired by my Biology teacher, Dinithi, and the curriculum of IB Biology HL, I am pursuing a double degree in Neuroscience and Psychology with a possible minor in Music."

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Jeremy Chan is our third generation alumnus from Hong Kong. After UWCD, Jeremy first took a gap year with Global Citizen Year in order to take a break and reflect on his two years in Armenia. Currently he is at Davidson College in North Carolina. For his third year of university, Jeremy is studying abroad at the London School of Economics and Political Science as an Economics major and Latin American Studies minor.