“How to spot and counter disinformation”: Workshop by Tina Zournatzi
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Last week we hosted Tina Zournatzi, the Head of Strategic Communication at the European Commission.

Tina oversees corporate communication campaigns at pan-European level, while also spearheading the Commission’s strategic communications response to disinformation. She has been recognized as one of Politico's 2018 Top Ten Women shaping Brussels and Europe. 

Tina held an interactive workshop with our students on “How to spot and counter disinformation”.

“Granted, this is a special school with students from all over the world who are enthusiastic learners, curious about the world and very worldly themselves. Their level of sophistication when it comes to spotting disinformation was impressive and the majority of them had even reported it to the platforms,” shared Tina.

Here is what some of our students said about the workshop: 

“The talk itself was very informative and helped to give everyone who attended more in depth-knowledge about disinformation as a phenomena. We also learned about the origins and intentions behind disinformation through application of case-studies that Tina presented us. My favourite part of the talk was when we had to relate our own examples of disinformation, a wide variety of examples ranging from Australian broadband networks to Indo-Nepali WhatsApp server issues were mentioned that enabled attendants to be more engaged as well as highlighted the international aspect of the school.” Elena (Malta, UWCD’22)

"When you read the news about your country, where the maximum incidence of COVID-19 is recorded together with the maximum growth of fakes about vaccination, you do not even doubt whether to attend a lecture on the fight against fakes or not. It is a great honor to welcome Tina Zournatzi and I am sincerely grateful to her for the extremely important presentation. The European Commission is one of the symbols of sustainable development in an unstable world. I remember how in my early childhood, I asked my parents to buy the flag of the European Union for the symbol of Dignity and Freedom to billow over our home. I am proud that our school invites such guests who make a great contribution to the development of mankind, and gives the opportunity to communicate with them!" Stepan (Ukraine, UWCD’23)

We would like to thank Tina for leading the session and for giving our students an opportunity to enrich their learning experience!

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