Karen and Anna Sarkisov
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Karen and Anna Sarkisov have generously supported the 5th anniversary campaign by providing a special fund to be at the disposal of the college leadership. This contribution has enabled us to complete several crucial campus improvement projects aimed at better accessibility and safety of our students and staff. We thank Mr and Mrs Sarkisov for their tremendous support.

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Aleksandra Szczęsny (Ola) UWCD’18 reflects on her experience at UWCD
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Aleksandra Szczęsny (Ola) UWCD’18, who is currently a student  at Connecticut College, USA, reflects on her experience at UWCD and how it “brought the whole world closer”. Ola also shares how becoming a young mother changed her priorities making her life richer and more fulfilled. (In the picture: Ola with her daughter Amelia.)

Story of Jeremy Chan (Hong Kong, UWCD'18)

Jeremy Chan is our third generation alumnus from Hong Kong. After UWCD, Jeremy first took a gap year with Global Citizen Year in order to take a break and reflect on his two years in Armenia. Currently he is at Davidson College in North Carolina. For his third year of university, Jeremy is studying abroad at the London School of Economics and Political Science as an Economics major and Latin American Studies minor.