“My classroom was the world itself” Story of Anahit Avagyan (Armenia, UWCD’20)
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Our Alumna Anahit Avagyan (Armenia, UWCD’20) is studying computer science at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Anahit shared her perspective on the cultural differences at UWCD and how it has shaped her for the future. 

“I still remember the first moment I entered my room. I managed to only see the grey walls and huge windows when all of a sudden two people jumped on me giving hugs and kisses. I could not even imagine that these two people were going to become my family in a short amount of time. Waking up next to Nigeria, brushing my teeth with Turkey and running to have the last minute breakfast with Germany made these grey walls feel like the warmest place in the world. The differences of these cultures living under one roof that seemed to be a barrier in the beginning, turned out to be the biggest celebration at UWC. 

I still remember how hard it was for me, a girl who went to a public school in Armenia, to get used to the idea that her classroom was the world itself. Starting the day by experiments for my research paper and finishing it in the ceramics room, giving a physical shape to my ideas, made me grow as a person aware of the world around me, its beauty and its struggles.  

The belief of someone in us and the chance that they gave us for being in this place changed me, changed us. UWC made us see faces and people behind the borders and countries in the world. It made us believe that the world is ours, and we are the ones to choose the colors with which we want to paint it. 

UWC was and will forever be a home for me, home that opened the world in front of me and gave me a chance to fill it with peace, love and respect by making small changes everyday.“

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