Polish NC and alumni join to support UWCD
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UWC Dilijan College is grateful to Piotr Maciej Hołysz and UWC National Committee Poland for a wonderful initiative in support of UWC Dilijan. All the Polish alumni of UWC Dilijan joined to make a gift for UWC Dilijan’s Covid-19 fund. Piotr matched their gifts.

❝Giving back to UWC seems like the natural order of things to me. It would be foolish to think that everything I got in Dilijan was what I deserved, it's way more than that. And it's an opportunity I want others to have too, so the gratitude must continue.❞

Alexandra, UWCD’18


❝My time at UWC opened my eyes to how many wonderful people and opportunities surround us. I hope that through my small financial contribution I can support my beloved firsties and zero years I wish I could meet, and in this way give back for the unforgettable memories I made at UWC Dilijan.❞ 

 Zofia, UWCD’20.

Bartłomiej ’16, Karina ’17, Marcin ’18, Aleksandra ’18, Julia ’19, Zofia ’20! Huge thanks to you for being part of our UWC Dilijan family!

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Story of Jeremy Chan (Hong Kong, UWCD'18)

Jeremy Chan is our third generation alumnus from Hong Kong. After UWCD, Jeremy first took a gap year with Global Citizen Year in order to take a break and reflect on his two years in Armenia. Currently he is at Davidson College in North Carolina. For his third year of university, Jeremy is studying abroad at the London School of Economics and Political Science as an Economics major and Latin American Studies minor.