Story of Raheem (Norway, UWCD'21)
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UWCD has granted me seemingly infinite resources to pursue my passions.

Computer programming is my favorite hobby. In my first term at UWCD, in conjunction with the local technology lab FabLab Dilijan, I organized a free programming workshop for the local Dilijan community. Considering the fact I could not speak Armenian and the participants could not speak English, this was a risky challenge, but the workshop eventually worked out brilliantly. As a result, I was invited to join FabLab Dilijan's exhibit at the World Congress in Information Technology 2019, where I talked with Armenian ministers about how STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) can empower rural Armenian communities like the city of Dilijan. 

On the other hand, while I have been programming since I was eleven years old, competitive debate has always been something I wanted to try. At UWCD, I was finally given the opportunity through the Debate CAS. At the beginning of my second term, I participated in the Eurasian Schools Debating Championship 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. My participation was heavily funded by the school, and being able to travel to another country for a competition was a very special experience for me. And even though it was my first proper debate competition, my team and I were able to place 7th at this international championship. 

Looking towards the future, I hope to pursue a research career. I plan to double major in Chemistry and Computer Science at university. As a researcher, I plan to create new solutions to many of the challenges the world is facing. But from my experiences at UWCD, I have learnt that not all problems can be solved with technology, and the crucial skills of collaboration, communication and risk-taking I have nurtured here will stay with me forever.




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Our alumnus Emilio Rosas Gutierrez (Mexico, UWCD'21) was awarded the Woodruff Scholarship from Emory University in Atlanta, USA, where he plans to major in art history or linguistics. During his two years in Dilijan, Emilio founded the mindfulness club at school, served on the Student and Community Councils and Sustainability Committee and was a facilitator for Dilijan Community Center’s art workshops with children.