What our Parents' say about UWC Dilijan

Most of the parents of our DP2 students arrived to support them during the graduation.

Here is what they say about the experience of their children with the school.

"She is my first daughter and I was scared to let her go so far away. But when she arrived to Armenia, first thing she did was to message me from the bus. When I asked her how she managed to call, she said the school provided her with a sim card so she could contact her parents. At that moment I realized that she was in the safe hands. And indeed, the school has been taking care of everything. She has enjoyed UWC Dilijan so much! It was a dream come true for her. She has matured a lot, and she is now prepared to go out into the world. We are very grateful for this", say the parents of Camila (Argentina) UWCD'19.

UWC Dilijan was a challenge and an adventure for our Barbara. This was a great opportunity to get a perfect education which opens a lot of opportunities for her in the future. We were very happy she got accepted especially to Dilijan, Armenia, because it is a new school with new international teachers. We are happy she has friends from all over the world and in future she can find a former schoolmate in every country. We are very grateful for this", say the parents of Barbara (Slovakia, UWCD'19).

"We thank UWC Dilijan for the opportunity that Leonor has become a better woman. She became much more independent - she is now a person of the world, not just a Portuguese. We are sure she won't have any problems studying or working anywhere in the world. Also, Armenia has been a great host country. She loved the experience, loved the people of Armenia. We as parents had a 15-day tour in Armenia and we loved it! People are very nice, landscapes are beautiful, the food is great. It is a wonderful country for tourists; at the same time it is not overcrowded by tourists and you feel more genuine here; you also feel very safe.We love everything about Armenia", say the parents of Leonor (UWCD'19, Portugal)

"For us the greatest value of the school is that Shushan communicated with so many international people here and learned a lot from different cultures. Famous writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said the most important value is the value of human interaction. That's what she has learned here. The school has of course also opened up many opportunities for her future which makes us happy", says the father of Shushan (UWCD'19, Republic of Artsakh)