Re-apaga – Recreating the Future

Cedric Solms is a current DP2 student of UWC Dilijan. When he came to Armenia one year ago, he was impressed by the beauty of the landscape and touched by the great hospitality of the Armenians. However, after spending one year in Armenia he discovered a basic problem in the environment he was living in. The problem was the handling of the most harmful trash, e-waste. In order to stop the harmful impact of the e-waste on the environment and human health from expanding any further, he founded the Re-apaga charity foundation with the help of his three co-years. When translated to Armenian, the word Re-apaga means recreating the future.

Cedric explains, “I came to this beautiful country one year ago but as time passed, I realised that there was a big issue that remained unnoticed, that is e-waste. This immense problem of e-waste was slowly poisoning the environment that we live in. After doing a lot of research and putting a lot of effort, I came up with the idea to create a charity foundation tackling this issue. By that, we want to give something back to the community that welcomed us here so warmly and will be hosting for a long time to come.

Having UWC mission in mind, Cedric was clearly looking for sustainability in Dilijan. And he found a way to improve the whole country through Re-apaga the main objective of which is raising awareness among the population about the impact of e-waste. In order to do that, they organise various events, create information materials, promote their webpage as well as collect e-waste. To make this truly sustainable, they are also helping to create the first recycling facility in Armenia.

On UWC and Peace Day, which also happened to be Armenia’s 25th Independence Day, Re-apaga had a major impactful event together with the local community; they organised a huge flash mob with more than 500 Participants. Cedric says it felt great to see the young and old coming together with such an enthusiasm. “It was a great opportunity to see UWC and the local community joining forces together to create a better future.

Re-apaga aims at making Armenia a role model of sustainability in the world by freeing it from the most harmful trash i.e. the e-waste. Cedric and his peers also launched the Re-apaga student CAS at UWC Dilijan, giving other students the opportunity to rethink the future and organise events to make an impact on the society they are living in.

Taking the matters further, Cedric explains that it is one of the goals of Re-apaga to expand in Armenia. At the same time, with the course of time, he aims at increasing the quality of service that they provide. Given the current rate and the support of the entire school, peers and donors, his mission to make an even greater impact on the environment will go a long way.

Article by Pratap, UWCD'18