Other Priorities

Dumfries House
Dumfries House Trust, which is chaired by HRH The Prince of Wales, and Scholae Mundi, the UK-based charity supporting UWC Dilijan and other educational projects, have established a partnership. This involves supporting the restoration of one of the main buildings of Dumfries House at the cost of £1.5 million. Dumfries House Trust, in its turn, will provide residential educational courses for 12 students and up to 4 adults from the UWC Dilijan and other schools in Armenia on four occasions each calendar year for 10 years. The building, which was restored with the support of Scholae Mundi, has been named “Dilijan” to mark the partnership with UWC Dilijan, and its 16 rooms will be used by UWC Dilijan and other students. The expected donor contribution to name one of the 16 rooms in the Dilijan building is £200,000.

If you are interested in supporting UWC students attending short summer programmes in Dilijan please contact development@uwcdilijan.org for further information.