How to Give

Generosity takes many forms and we are grateful for every act of giving that endorses the work of the college. 96% of our students receive full or partial scholarships, based on the merit and needs.

You can choose to make a general-purpose donation, or you can choose to make a specific purpose donation and how to allocate the gift: whether it will support a scholarship at UWC Dilijan, the Student Initiative Fund*, contribute to our operating activity or other project you would like to endorse.

Every donation matters.

A gift of $100 can help us buy winters clothing for students.

A gift of $500 can provide an opportunity to support students' travel back home.

A gift of $1,500 can be a significant contribution to the Student Initiative Fund.

A gift of $3,000 can gives us the opportunity to host artist-in-residence programmes, workshops, guest speakers and events.

A gift of $5,000 can support our Projects weeks, Explore Armenia trips and outdoor activities.

A gift of $10,000 can bring the Performing Arts Centre one step closer.

A gift of $35,000 can cover an entire year of education for one student.

You can make a contribution to UWC Dilijan which is an independent not-for-profit organisation by transferring funds either directly to the UWC Dilijan bank account or to Scholae Mundi Foundations in Armenia, Russia and UK established with the purpose of supporting UWC Dilijan and other educational initiatives. Transferring funds to one of the Scholae Mundi Foundations might also help you to ease the tax burden (please see details in relevant sections).

* The SIF supports students' projects and initiatives in the field of social entrepreneurship, city development, community engagement and empowerment and sustainability.