UWC Pledge

With the UWC community growing and developing, a new set of goals emerge. Signed off in late 2017, the UWC strategy states the importance of the commitment of all of its members to the movement and encourages all UWC colleges and schools to develop a concrete framework of action. With the aim to bring the UWC alumni community together, utilize the best of the knowledge, passion and skills it has to offer, UWC Pledge was developed.

All the UWC schools and colleges will engage their graduates to pledge or give back to the UWC movement in terms of time (volunteering for the UWC movement), treasure (regularly donating money to the UWC movement however little it might be) and talent (committing as an intern at a UWC school, mentoring upcoming students or offering any relevant professional skills).

Time, Treasure, Talent


  • Organize or participate in a UWC Day event
  • Volunteer for your UWC school or college
  • Volunteer for the national committee in your home country (volunteering remotely is possible!) or the national committee in your country of residence
  • Share your success stories with your UWC school/college
  • Spread the word about UWC - Take pride in being part of a movement for peace and sustainability and discuss UWC with those around you


  • Help enable more young people to have access to UWC education by making a small donation each month. All funds raised go towards scholarships at your UWC school/college. Acting as a collective, we can pass on the gift of a UWC education.


  • Apply for an internship at a UWC school
  • Turn your ideas into a UWCx initiative
  • Offer your professional skills as a mentor via the UWC Hub
  • Assist with the running of UWC Short Courses over the summer break