Azniv Hovhannisyan

Azniv Hovhannisyan

Teacher of ESS
Residential House Parent


  • BA (Hons) in Physics and Pedagogics, Yerevan State University, Armenia
  • MA in Physics, Yerevan State University, Armenia 

Before coming to UWCD I have worked in different areas of education and technology. My career started at Yerevan State University as a researcher, lab technician and support lecturer. From 2011 I started teaching physics, natural sciences and programming in different schools and educational centres, meanwhile doing web development.
I'm an alumna and support instructor in Fab Academy of digital fabrication by MIT and AYB foundation. 
UWCD is a unique place, where I can use my knowledge from different areas and my hobbies during teaching and CAS programmes. It's a great opportunity to live, work, share ideas with people from different countries, different cultures and habits.

What is the favourite part of the course you teach?
It’s a pleasure to teach ESS in this international, multicultural environment. I enjoy discussions of different environmental issues and case studies, as in class we have representatives of almost every region and culture, who contribute with their national viewpoints. That makes ESS course lively and real.

What advice would you give to a student of your subject?
Never be afraid of trying new things and challenging yourself. Doesn't matter good or bad experience will you have, there is always a valuable outcome there.

Who is your role model or mentor or who inspires you?
My daughters. In every difficult situation, I can get lots of positive vibes and motivation from them.

What is your life motto?
Nothing is impossible

What are the three things you can't imagine your life without?
Family, travelling, water.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Experiments in cooking, spending time with the family. Sometimes I want to have that spare time for doing nothing.