Jaime Gonzalez de Chaves de Otaola

Jaime Gonzalez de Chaves de Otaola

Teacher of Physics


  • Degree in Physics - Universidad de la Laguna, Spain
  • MSc. in theoretical physics - Imperial College London, UK
  • Master's degree in secondary education - Universidad de Alicante, Spain

I was born in Madrid, but grew up in Brussels until the age of 16 when I moved to the Canary Islands. There I completed my baccalaureate, most of my physics degree and became involved with surf lifesaving which made me grow a great attachment to the ocean and water sports. Becoming a teacher was not my original intention, but my first teaching assignment made me realise it is something I am really passionate about, and ever since I am teaching at international high schools, my last one before coming here being UWC Changshu China.

What is the favourite part of the course you teach? 
I like to make students think and develop their intuition about physical phenomena. My favourite part is when students become capable of applying scientific reasoning to unknown contexts, construct hypotheses and explanations, and design ways to test their ideas objectively and with rigour. 

Which teaching method do you prefer and why?
Science education without discovery and challenge would be a pretty dull thing. I try to design activities throughout the year where students can experience both and get a taste of what doing science feels like.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
When I am free I like to study, practice water sports or go hiking.