Rangike Bandaranayake

Rangike Bandaranayake

Deputy Head of Residential Life, Residential House Parent, Exam Officer & SAT Coordinator


  • LLM | Buckinghamshire New University | UK
  • Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations | BCIS | Sri Lanka
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Rights / The University of Colombo | Sri Lanka
  • Bachelor of Laws - LLB (Hons) – Buckinghamshire New University | UK
  • Diploma in Conflict Resolution / The University of Peace and BCIS | Costa Rica & Sri Lanka
  • Member of PMP Team in PMI


  • Over 20 years of experience in Law, Humanitarian and Human Rights Law,  Child Protection and Safeguarding, Education and Leadership, Project Management, and International Relations and Policy Advocacy. 

    I completed my LLM (In Human Rights) and an LLB (Hon) in the Buckinhemsiher New University and Postgraduate Diplomas in Human Rights (University of Colombo) and International Relations (BCIS).  I have worked in areas such as IDP and Refugee Management, Child Protection, Human Rights Defenders Training, and Rights-Based Disaster Response Training highlighting their commitment to human rights, education, and capacity building with INGOs, ICRC, IFRC, HRCSL, UNHCR, UWCIO etc.  

    Child Protection and Right Based Approaches are close to my heart and strongly believe in the role universal organization can play in building and sustaining democratic and inclusive societies. Human Rights are the basis for such societies and every child’s right to quality education is at the core of it all. 

    Interests: Playing Cricket, Tennis, Rugby and Off Road (4x4) adventures.