Sofia Helen Cunelius

Sofia Helen Cunelius

Teacher of English 


  • Master of Education at Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Teaching Degree in History and Swedish at Stockholm University
  • English Language and Literature courses at University of Sussex, UK and at Stockholm University


I have studied, worked and lived in several different places around the world - in England, Sweden (where I am from) Vietnam, Norway and Thailand. I started teaching within the IB programme in Vietnam and since then I have taught both MYP and DP courses in a range of subjects, such as English, Swedish, School Supported Self Taught Language and Theory of Knowledge. I found out about the UWC movement when I lived in Vietnam, and then worked at UWC Red Cross Nordic in Norway before moving back to Sweden for a couple of years when my kids were born. I am now very excited to be back at a UWC school again! 

What is the favourite part of the course you teach?
My favourite part of teaching is when I see that students find meaningfulness in what we do, and when we (together) engage in deep conversations and discussions about literature and language - which is essentially the whole course! 

Which teaching method do you prefer and why?
I would like to create a classroom environment where students are allowed to ask questions, try out new things and expand their comfort zones. Ideally, I will also broaden my own horizons in collaboration with them. 

Who is your role model or mentor or who inspires you?
Throughout my life, I have met many wonderful teachers who have inspired and helped me grow as an educator, learner and person. They know who they are, and I will be forever grateful to them. 

What is your life motto?
I do not have a clearly formulated life motto (yet!), but I often think about a stanza in a poem written by the Swedish author Karin Boye which, if translated, would say something like this: "Yes, there is goal and meaning in our path - but it is the journey that is the labour's worth". 

What are the three things you can't imagine your life without?
My family, books and Swedish "fika" (the art of having coffee together with others). 

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Read, take long walks and spend time with my closest friends and family.