We believe, that our alumni act as ambassadors representing UWC Dilijan in every corner of the world and hope that they will maintain their connection with the college for life. We follow their post-UWC journey with great interest and look forward to hearing from our graduates and welcoming them back to the campus.

Our alumni are represented by the Alumni Council. The second cohort of the Alumni Council has been selected through a special process to ensure diversity. The aim of the UWCD Alumni Council is to serve as a conduit between the alumni community and the school in accordance with the UWCD Charter and values.

Ani Gevorgyan, Armenia, UWCD’16
Luis Cerave, Mexico, UWCD’17
Francesco Casucci, Italy, UWCD’18
Lynn Sleiman, Lebanon, UWCD’20
James Achuli, South Sudan, UWCD’21
Nele Schulz, Australia/Germany, UWCD’22
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