Our 226 students come from 80 countries
Our 220 students come from 80 countries and are represented by the Student Council. 


The Student Council:

  • Serves as a full representational body of all students in the college, accommodating all voices, views and amplifying stances of “silent minorities”.
  • Acts as the medium between the student body, the college staff, and the college leadership team.
  • Addresses different concerns raised by students in daily, academic, and residential life and proposes solutions to them.
  • Oversees the implementation of new solutions and proposals.
  • Advocates for and builds upon the ideas and initiatives of the student body.
  • Shares all relevant information between the Toons and Student Council meetings.

2020/21 Student Council members are:

  • Core - Mutuma Mwiti and Zarrin Mahdiyat Ali
  • Committee Liaison - Sesame Le
  • CC Minute Taker - Chinouk Plaat 
  • Student Council Minute Taker - Karen Petrosyan
  • Google Drive and Website Manager - Isis Correa
  • Social Media Manager - Florence Misty Williamson