Health & Wellbeing

Medical Care

UWC Dilijan has a modern, well-equipped medical centre on campus to provide high quality health care for students and staff. The centre has several hospital beds including an isolation ward. It also has a dental room to provide students and staff with regular dental checks.

A team of qualified nurses ensure that the medical centre is manned 24 hours per day, and there is an experienced doctor available to staff and students for consultation. They are Dr. Narine Okonyan and nurses Lusine Atoyan, Karine Baldryan, Lilit Khachikyan, Narine Madatyan, Lilia Sarukhanyan. 

In addition to this exceptional facility, Dilijan is well-served by the Tavush Medical Centre, located only a few minutes from the school campus. The Tavush Medical Centre can provide first-class support for more serious medical issues should they arise.

UWC Dilijan also has access to top medical facilities providing world-class care in the capital Yerevan, such as Nairi Medical Center and Erebouni Medical Center.

Psychological counselling

UWC Dilijan has a full-time Psychological Counselling Service. The overall goal of the service is to provide students and staff with the psychological facilitation and support as required.

The service includes activities that promote the psychological wellbeing of individuals and of the entire community, fostering self-awareness, resilience, personal development and improving the quality and effectiveness of interpersonal relationships. In order to reach these goals, individual psychological counselling, group counselling, psychotherapy, group mediation, experiential groups and formal presentations are used.

Medical Facilities

We are grateful to Dr. Arman Voskerchyan & Ms. Kristina Ter-Kazarian for their generous contribution towards our medical facilities.