Subjects Offered

As a part of their IB Diploma Programme, students choose 3 subjects they will take on Higher Level (HL) and another 3 on Standard Level (SL). HL subjects usually reflect their professional choices, therefore the combination is usually based on their plans for further education. Nevertheless, if a student hasn’t identified his/her career plans, the IB Coordinator is always ready to help them in determining the most efficient combination of subjects, which will contribute to their further education.

Higher Level (HL) subjects are taught for 6 x 45-minutes periods per week, which over the 60+ weeks of the diploma create 270+ hours of contact time.

Standard Level (SL) subjects are taught for 4 x 45-minute periods per week, which of the 60+ weeks of the diploma creates 180+ hours of contact time.

The following subjects are being offered in the 2022/23 Diploma Class:

Group 2: Language Acquisiton
This course provides the students an opportunity to expand their outlook through exploration of new languages.

These courses give students the opportunities to explore how humans shape the world around them and how they interact with each other as well as their surroundings.
Science is one of the biggest departments, combining Physics, Chemistry, Biology and ESS (Environmental Systems and Societies). These courses offer students a variety of opportunities to explore the laws of science and the ways to use them.
All students must study mathematics as a part of their diploma. The subject is offered at four levels to cater for students’ differing mathematical abilities and future needs.
Arts is one of the fastest growing departments at UWC Dilijan, offering its students a variety of courses including visual arts, theatre, ceramics, etc.