Group 1: Studies in Language & Literature

Group 1 provides mother tongue courses designed for students who are native speakers or have several years of experience in speaking, reading and writing these languages. Most students take English in Group 1 but UWC Dilijan also offers Russian and Armenian․

English Literature (HL & SL)
This course is for students who already have a good level of English language. You will read 13 exciting and varied works over the two years of the HL course and 10 for the SL course. At each level of study, you will learn the skills and techniques used by authors; how the audience is captured by a text, the ‘voices’ used by authors for different purposes and the ways that are used to create images in our minds. You will develop a literary toolkit!

English Language & Literature (HL & SL)
This course is for students who already have a good level of English language. You will read six works of literature at HL and four at SL; these might include novels, graphic novels, poetry, drama and non-fiction. You will also study language development and use, for example through song lyrics, film, political speeches, slang, creoles and pidgin languages, advertising, blogs and comedy.

Armenian Literature (SL and HL)
Armenian Literature is designed for students who are either Armenian native speakers or have strong receptive, productive and interactive skills of Armenian. The students will read various literary works of Armenian and foreign authors translated into Armenian language. Altogether there are 13 works over the two years for the HL course and 9 for the SL course. Students will focus on literary texts and develop approaches to textual criticism, explore the nature of literature and the function of intertextuality.

Russian Literature (SL and HL)
Russian Literature facilitates knowledge of Russian and world literature studied in Russian language․ It is a door to the world of various literary works which will enrich your understanding and knowledge and help you develop your interest in books and reading․ It develops analytical skills, reflective and critical thinking skills

Self-taught School Supported Literature (SL only)
As the name suggests, a self-taught course is available if you wish to study a literature course in a language where we cannot provide a teacher. In most cases, we can provide a teacher for literature courses in English, Armenian and Russian but you may wish to study literature in your mother tongue.

IB offers support for 42 different languages in the self-taught course. For languages that are not automatically available, the College will have to request them from IB. You must be prepared for a change of course if IB cannot support your mother tongue; this usually happens if they cannot find an examiner.