Group 5: Mathematics

All students must study mathematics as a part of their diploma. The IB offers two courses to cater for students’ differing mathematical abilities and future needs. All of the courses are assessed at the end of the course by two examinations and an internal project.

Mathematics: analysis and approaches (SL and HL)
This course contains analytic methods with an emphasis on calculus – appropriate for pure mathematicians, engineers, scientists, economists, those with an interest in analytic methods. This subject is aimed at students who will go on to study subjects with substantial mathematics content such as mathematics itself, engineering, physical sciences, or some economics courses.

Mathematics: application and interpretations (SL only)
This course contains rich applications and interpretation of mathematics with an emphasis on statistics, modelling and use of technology. The course is appropriate for those with an interest in the applications of mathematics and how technology can support this. This subject is aimed at students who will be interested in social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, statistics, business, engineering, some economics, psychology, and design.