Group 6: The Arts

Arts is one of the fastest growing departments at UWC Dilijan; it has been constantly evolving since the foundation of the School in 2014. Having started off with 14 students in the Visual Arts class, today nearly every second student at UWC Dilijan takes either Theatre or Visual Arts as one of his IB subjects.

Theatre (HL & SL)
At UWC Dilijan, Theatre Arts students will watch and analyse to a wide array of performance styles in context; take part in weekly practical lessons, learn about different roles within theatre, take part in solo and group performances and much more.
UWC Dilijan has world-class performing arts facilities, including an exceptional Black Box theatre equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting facilities, together with a variety of indoor and outdoor areas suitable for rehearsals and site-specific performances.

Visual Arts (HL & SL)
The Visual Arts course is a two-year studio-based course in which students will explore painting and drawing in a variety of media, printmaking, 3-D sculptural work, digital and analogue photography.
Students are expected to be highly motivated because the course demands a great deal of time and effort. The course is extremely rewarding and enriching, and offers students a lifelong love and understanding of artists and their contribution to the world.