Life on Campus

A UWC education emphasises experiential learning. The classroom is only one component of that experience, which extends to service learning, sport, creativity, student societies and life together in a residential setting.

By sharing dining rooms, common rooms and bedrooms with students from many different cultures and countries, UWC students have opportunities to learn about and share in an international experience that makes a profound and lifelong change in their understanding of one another. Since living together teaches us how to deal with differences, residential life in UWCD enables us to develop the essential life skills associated with living alongside those with whom we do not immediately have particular rapport as well as enjoying the company of those with whom we quickly strike up what prove to be lifelong friendships.

Let him that is afraid of being alone beware of community, and she that is afraid of community beware of being alone. - Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together (adapted)

Shared Experiences