University & Career Counselling

At UWC Dilijan, the goal of university & career counselling is to help our students to gain access to post-UWC opportunities that will allow them to continue their educational development, find personal fulfilment and contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable future.

To accomplish this, we work closely with each student to understand their goals, context and strengths, to help them understand and navigate the full range of post-UWC opportunities available to them. In addition to individualised counselling, we provide group sessions on topics such as the university search process, financial aid and scholarships, US, British and European university systems, the SAT and standardised testing, essay writing and application preparation.

UWC students are fortunate to benefit not only from an excellent and globally recognised educational experience, but also to have access to a number of UWC specific bursaries, scholarships and financial-aid opportunities. The largest of these is the Davis UWC Scholars Program, which provides financial aid opportunities to UWC graduates at more than 90 excellent universities in the United States.  

University Counselling at UWC Dilijan also includes hosting dozens of visitors each year from various universities around the world. Staff build relationships to help promote UWC Dilijan and to be able to effectively advocate for our students.

Lastly, we work closely with faculty and external partners to support the holistic educational and personal development of UWC Dilijan students, allowing them to make the most of their UWC experience and their opportunities afterwards.