UWC Dilijan College Summer Programme “Just Dilijan It!”

Look at the world through the lens of JDI

Just Dilijan It! (JDI) is the UWC Dilijan summer program designed for families and kids ages 6-12 and for teenagers 14-17 years. Through living together on the UWCD campus and engaging in a variety of activities, the programmes aimed to provide the opportunity to immerse in the aspects of the UWC education built around. The programs offer a blend of educational, recreational and social activities that are aligned with the UWC mission striving to unite people for peace and a sustainable future.

Depending on the age group and language, JDI offers two sets of programmes for young people and families with younger children.

Join our vibrant international community to experience aspects of the UWC education - spend your summer on the beautiful campus of UWC Dilijan in the Armenian Alps.

For more information and to apply, please visit the JDI website.

UWC Short Course for young people aged 14‑17
(languages: English & Russian)

4 July – 15 July | 18 July – 29 July

This program is designed for those who want to get a UWC experience through living and learning. Self-reflection is the key-element of the programme. Young people will have a chance to understand themselves and others better and to learn that other people, with their differences, can also be right. Participants will develop emotional intelligence and communication skills through the game situations.

Family programme for parents with children aged 6‑12  (language: Russian)

9 July – 17 July | 23 July – 31 July

This programme is an opportunity for the family to take a break from their usual routine and engage in activities in an environment designed to stimulate children and adults alike. While having the parents around, children learn to be more independent, to find a common language with others, look at familiar things from an unconventional perspective, create and have fun.